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"I have till the rain stops."


Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 25 days till who: Favourite season - four

Why are people bothered with other peoples’ bodies?? Girls should be able to wear want they want without having the cover up because a guy can’t handle it. Teach a guysto be respectful, don’t teach girls to cover up for a guy.

Once you get this you have to list 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. Not negotiable.

This is so cute!

okay hmmm

1. My eyes, they’re my favorite part of me

2. I try to smile at anyone who looks sad. Idk it helps me when others do that so why not repay the favor?

3. I am decent at memorizing stuff (does this count??)

4. I’m pretty social. Unless I’m watching netflix, and I do that a loooot

5. I have a pretty good fashion sense, makes shopping fun

Thank you for asking, this made my day :)

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theuniverseandotherstuff asked: Rose x Nine or Rose x Ten?


Screencap Meme | Ten/Rose + Touch Me requested by anonymous